Policies and Pricing

Policies & Hours

Would you like to prevent your pet from ever  being matted, having skin problems, shedding, or having overgrown nails ever again? Of course! We can take care of this for you. Ask about our 4-6 week maintenance program and keep your pet lovably clean all of the time!

*Discounts apply for clients on 6 week or less maintenance plans.

Hours of operation are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. By appointment only.

·   75lbs weight limit for smooth coat bath only dogs, and 45 lb. weight limit for full haircuts. (Dogs over 40 lbs. must be able to stand and walk on their own.)

·   At least 48 hrs notice is required to change or cancel an appointment. No-shows or cancellations that occur with less than a 48 hour notice will be noted. Appointments scheduled thereafter will require the groom to be paid in advance and is refundable with 48 hours notice. Any add-on services needed on the day of the appointment will be charged at that time.

·   Please make sure someone is home for the entire arrival window that your appointment is scheduled for, and an hour after while your pet is being groomed, unless latchkey service has been set up with us.

·   50 ft. (about 3 car lengths) of flat space is required for us to be able to park the truck and mobile salon.

·   We are unable to service retirement homes. People in apartments must be able to meet us curbside when we arrive at the nearest available street parking.

·   In the event of weather conditions such as snow or ice that prohibit safe driving, we will contact you to reschedule your pet’s grooming appointment.

·   Dashing Dogs Mobile Grooming does not accept aggressive or sedated animals.

·   If you are unhappy with your services for any reason please notify us within 48 hours of service and Dashing Dogs Mobile Grooming will do our best to correct your complaint.

·   Latch-key service is available if you would like to schedule an appointment while you are away from home. You may provide a key or garage code. The owner must be home for the first appointment.

·   Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. There is an additional 3% charge for the use of credit cards. There is a $35 fee for bounced checks/insufficient funds.

·   For quickest response, please text us or fill out an online appointment request form on our website.  During hours of operation we are either driving or working on a pet and cannot hear to talk on the phone, but will return voicemails as soon as possible within 24 business hours. Texting/appointment inquiries are most efficient. The office is closed Saturdays and Sundays.

·   Anal glands expressed upon request.

·   Pets with matting too severe to remove humanely will be required to be shaved down. Severely matted dogs that are felted together and must be shaved before and after the bath will have $20 added to the groom fee.

·   Our insurance prohibits allowing any person aside from the groomer to be in the trailer, however, we would be happy to let you take a peek from the doorway to check out the inside of the mobile salon prior to your pet’s grooming.

·   We do NOT offer ear hair plucking. The process is painful for dogs and because it often leads to ear inflammation, hematoma and occasionally infections; all of which are best treated by your veterinarian, we recommend it be done at a pet hospital if it is necessary.

ONE TIME ONLY* appointments are discouraged.  I like to bond and build a lifelong relationship with all of my clients and see everyone on a routine basis.  For your convenience, your next appointment will always be scheduled before I leave your home.


FULL SERVICE DOG BATH Includes bath, ear cleaning, glands expressed if needed, nail trimming and filing, hand drying and finish brushing.

  • Smooth Coated Dog Bath: (Bulldog, Pitbull, Beagle, Lab, Pug, Vizsla, Cattle Dog, Shorthair Pointer, Greyhound)

    • 0-35 lbs = $75

    • 36lbs -75lbs =$95

  • Medium Coated Dog Bath: (Golden, Corgi, Pomeranian, Sheltie, Border Collie)

    • 0-25lbs = $75

    • 26lbs - 40lbs = $90

    • 41lbs - 60lbs - $110

  • Heavy Coated Dog Bath: (Husky, Australian Shepard, German Shepard, Great Pyrenese, Old English Sheepdog, Saint Bernard...) I can't do these dogs in my trailer.

*Add a de-shed for +$20!

FULL SERVICE DOG HAIRCUT Includes all of the above plus haircut.***45lb WEIGHT LIMIT for haircuts***

·        0-5 lbs = $90

·        6-9 lbs = $95

·        10-13 lbs = $100

·        14-17 lbs = $105

·        18-21 lbs = $110

·        22-25 lbs = $115

·        26-29 lbs = $120

·        30-33 lbs = $125

·        34-37 lbs = $130

·        38-41 lbs = $135

·        42-45lbs = $140

·        46lbs and over - I generally won't do

We can weigh your pet for you.

~Prices are for pets in good condition and are subject to change.