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About Chris:

My name is Chris Argo.  When I was nineteen years old, dog grooming came into my life as a rather random event.  I wasn’t sure what to do with my life after high school, and one day my mom opened the phone book to order a pizza and the page opened to a dog grooming school in the area. When she pointed it out to me, I immediately felt like that could be it.  I'd just gotten a dog, a gorgeous husky named Codi, and the thought of spending all day working with dogs seemed right.  I showed up the next day at that school, and that day was the start of my 25 years in the field of dog grooming.  Over the years, I've groomed in salons around the country, I started and sold a successful salon in Wilmington, Delaware, and in 2012, I started the award winning Dashing Dogs Grooming Studio in Chadds Ford, PA (www.dashingdogspa.com) which I still own.  

My love for dogs and the unique and interesting personalities of each and every dog was what drew me into this profession.  After 25 years as a salon groomer, I feel excited to take the leap into this new experience of mobile grooming.  I look forward to having the opportunity to connect with each dog one-on-one in my mobile trailer.  The quieter environment, where it is just me and whichever dog the day brings to my grooming table, will be supportive to my concentration and ability to connect with each dog, and it will also be calming to the dogs who will not have all the distractions and sounds of the salon environment.  Most dogs do enjoy salon grooming just fine, but for those dogs that find the whole experience stressful, I'm happy to be able to provide a calmer and quicker alternative.  And for my busy clients or the ones who don't drive so much, I'm happy to be able to offer a service right outside their door.  

If you have any questions at all about whether mobile grooming services are for you, please reach out to me.  I'd love to chat, learn about you and your dog, and help you decide the best way to take good care of your furry family member.


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